Condemnation of the Xenophobic Acts against Venezuelans Abroad

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Committee of International Solidarity (COSI) adds its voice to those of the continent and of our people who today reject the xenophobic acts which have recently been committed against Venezuelans who, as a consequence of the immigration of recent years, find themselves living abroad.
These acts have had distinct expressions in different countries where there are Venezuelans and are a consequence of the division of society into classes, generated so by capitalism, which looks to divide the working people by exasperating this behaviour. Xenophobia is the direct opposite of the values and principals which should guide people, such as solidarity and coexistence between different nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and other forms of social division.
The hostilities, jealousy, and rejection seen in recent cases of xenophobia have been promoted in some cases by groups with supremacist ideas in some countries in the region, while in other cases they have been promoted by governments and the media, such as the recent cases in Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and most recently in Ecuador. In this country, President Lenin Moreno publically backed all of the actions of the public forces against groups of Venezuelans, which is a clear reflection of the dangerous consequences which these types of action can produce. Segregation by nationality, political or cultural identity, or skin colour- also known as “apartheid” according to international law - is defined as a crime against humanity according to the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court of 2002. From the COSI we reject the actions of the pro-imperialist governments in the continent which increase xenophobia and put the lives of Venezuelans who are today outside of their country at risk. We consider that these actions should be taken to the instances of international justice.
Likewise, we condemn any action which violates the human rights of the Venezuelans living abroad. In the name of the Committee of International Solidarity, we will continue to raise the banners which were used to create the World Peace Council, the international organisation which struggles against war, racism, xenophobia, and which this year will commemorate 70 years since its creation. We also revive our indeclinable will to continue struggling for peace and international solidarity.

Secretariat of the COSI