The Brazilian people will defeat villainy and the coup

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Infamy and villainy were the main characters this Sunday (April 17th), in the House of Representatives. A session to fill with opprobrium those responsible for this hateful plot weaved by the Vice President of the Republic, Michel Temer, whose memory will bring shame to Brazilians for many generations.

By Socorro Gomes*

He, who wants to usurp the mandate given to President Dilma through the vote of 54 million Brazilians, will have a place in history as a man who used his post as Vice President to plot and conspire and, going through the odious path of treason against the Constitution he swore to uphold, reach power without votes, trashing democracy and the people's will.

Driven by an uncontrollable ambition, Michel Temer has chosen those promoting the coup to offer his service as a hunting hound in a criminal gear. The master of ceremony in this fraudulent act masked as a trial for an inexistent crime against the fiscal order, the so-called “pedaladas”, was the House's President, Eduardo Cunha, who is a criminal defendant facing a process of destitution run by the House's Ethical Council, in trial for corruption in the Supreme Court. Just like buffoons are Representatives Jovair Arantes and Rogério Rosso. The alleged fiscal maneuvers (so-called “pedaladas”, a derogatory term) were not even mentioned by the Representatives while they declared their votes, in a clear demonstration of how unimportant for those “judging” is the subject of the report being voted.

For the majority of the right-wing in the House, what mattered was to move forward with the coup d'état against a progressive Government that removed 30 million Brazilians from extreme poverty, opened the Universities' doors for the workers' children, and brought electricity to all corners of Brazil. A Government that kept a respectful relationship with the other countries, raising the country's international relations to another level, putting Brazil in the hall of nations that help building a world of peace, which participates in the Latin-American and Caribbean integration, a protagonist in the struggle for the just cause of peoples and nations aspiring to development, justice and peace.

The conjunction of anti-democratic and anti-national interests has created a majority in the House who took a stroke against the rule of law, repealing the Brazilians' votes and annulling the sovereign results of the ballots.

In charge of the House and the session, presiding over the process of impeachment of the President of the Republic, he is one of the defendants in the “Lava Jato” (“Car Wash”) operation, against whom there are charges, supported by evidences, of money laundry and a payment scheme which he received through banks in Switzerland. The Union's Attorney

​-​General José Eduardo Cardorzo, in his defense of the President, underlined that the House's President has acted for vengeance, when he had his interests undermined.
The scenes in the session that approved the process of impeachment of the Republic's President were depressing. Representatives of white and smooth faces, in their ballet of ignominy, mixed praises to family and God with cries loaded by hate against the landless, the homeless, against everything which comes close to the social protection of the excluded, or to the social policies driven towards the quest for social justice in a country which is the exclusivity of a minority of privileged and millionaires.

The coup d'état promoted by the forces in the masters' house, who have never accepted the progress of a project for social redemption and continental integration, brings serious dangers to peace in Brazil and in the continent, with repercussions in the world balance. For over a decade, Brazil has contributed to the success of humanity's just causes, self-determination, international cooperation and peace. Just like former President Lula said, when contacted by George W. Bush in search for support for the aggression against Iraq, in 2003, “Brazil's war is against hunger”. Destabilizing a government making its course towards peace and justice in the international realm is a service that those promoting the coup offer to the imperialist powers, which are in full-fledged offensive to retake their privileges in all Latin America.

The people, organized, will not accept a government of villainy and national treason. Brazilians will not accept a President who wishes to arrive to power through a coup d'état. Michel Temer will know the holy ire of millions of Brazilians. The people will turn their backs on him and will know how to defend their achievements, democracy and the rule of law. Having used the post as Vice President of the Republic to conspire against the Government of which he was a member has cover the very mandate with the coup's stain, a mandate he only has for being part of the presidential slate headed by Dilma Rousseff in two elections. Therefore, Michel Temer has stained the very Constitution he swore to defend, reason for which he should be impeached. The Front People's Brazil, the leftist and progressive political parties can and must push for a campaign in that direction.

There will be even more struggle against the coup, for democracy.

*Socorro Gomes is the President of the World Peace Council and of the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (Cebrapaz).