American bombing of Syria is illegal and constitutes a new US act of aggression in the Middle East!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation condemns the US bombings carried out on February 25 on Syrian territory, which constitute yet another act of aggression against that country and a further violation of international law.
This military action decided by the new US administration blatantly affronts the United Nations Charter and International Law, demonstrating in practice what successive statements already allowed us to guess: in foreign policy, the Biden administration's goals do not differ from those who guided the performance of your predecessor's
What these attacks seem to confirm is the U.S. intention to pursue the illegal occupation of northern and southern Syrian territories and the policy of interference and aggression that has marked its presence in the Middle East for decades.
Bearing in mind the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani by the US just over a year ago, last Thursday's bombing targeted forces resisting US aggression and occupation policy in the Middle East, notably Iraq, and AlQaeda and Daesh terrorist groups
As the CPPC has repeatedly claimed, Syria is resisting an encapotted external aggression, with terrorist groups assuming themselves as iron foreheads of the U.S. war strategy and their allies, who from the outset train, arm and finance them, how widely it has been reported.
For the CPPC, only an end to aggression against Syria and the withdrawal of military forces illegally occupying Syrian territory serve the cause of international peace and security and respect the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Syria, like any country in the world, has the right to peace, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, development, social progress.
From the Portuguese authorities, the CPPC demands a firm position in defence of the principles set out in Article 7. of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, such as national independence, respect for the rights of peoples, equality between states, peaceful solution to conflicts International or non-interference in State s' internal affairs. What demands public expression of repudiation for yet another aggression and invalidates any support - by action or omission - for the destabilization and war strategy that the US implement in the Middle East, administration after administration.
The CPPC calls on all peace lovers to repudiate war against the peoples of the Middle East, demanding respect for the United Nations Charter and International Law.

The National Direction of the CPPC