AIPSO denounces the US plan to attack Syria

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation strongly denounces the plans of the USA, France, UK, NATO and their allies in the Gulf region to attack Syria on the pretext of the alleged use of weapons of mass destruction by the Syrian government.

In Syria the US imperialists and their allies are trying to repeat same dirty tactics which were used before in the case of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya by sabotaging infrastructures, backing terrorist acts, infiltrating mercenaries and smuggling weapons into the country with the objective of creating instability and chaos, to justify the foreign intervention.

USA, EU, the Gulf monarchies, the government of Turkey along with the religious fundamentalists including Al-Qaeda want to destabilize Syria, the last post of secular polity in the region

While strongly opposing the reported moves to launch a military attack, the AIPSO calls upon the people of India to declare their total solidarity with the people of Syria in their struggle against the foreign aggression, in defence of independence, sovereignty, unity and integrity of their country.

The AIPSO requests the Government of India to oppose any military intervention against Syria and to take appropriate steps with other non-aligned countries for a political solution of the conflict in Syria.

AIPSO Secretariat
New Delhi