AIPSO Condemns Israeli Assault on Palestinian People in Gaza

Thursday, May 17, 2018

All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation condemns in unequivocal terms the latest Israeli assault on the Palestinian people on May 14, 2018 that killed at least 58 people and injured about 2,700, many of them in their teens. It is a matter of grave concern that Israeli forces opened fire without any provocation on peaceful demonstrators when they had gathered near the so-called Gaza border, to commemorate the anniversary of Nakba.

It is unfortunate and shows the inhuman mindset of the Trump regime that it decided to open the American Embassy in Jerusalam on the same day, which is a day of displacement of Palestinians from their ancient homeland. There is no doubt that Israel is emboldened by the support of US imperialists and goes on with its barbaric acts with impunity.

Israel is posing a grave threat to entire humanity and has proved it is a terrorist state.

AIPSO joins all peace loving people in calling for a quick and just settlement of the Palestinan issue and demands that Indian government should take appropriate steps to support the people of Palestine to have their independent state with its capital in East Jerusalem.

AIPSO Secretariat
New Delhi