Friday, June 14, 2019

The All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO) condemns Indian government’s decision to vote with Israel in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc) to prevent a Palestinian human rights organisation called Shahed, from getting observer status in UN institutions. This is the first time India has voted with Israel on a resolution at the UN that is being perceived as pro-Israel.

The BJP government by voting against Palestine has completed the reversal of cherished Indian foreign policy ideals like supporting the just cause of Palestinians. Support to Palestine was considered as part of our own struggle for independence from colonial rule. It is this historical legacy that the BJP government has buried with its vote in the UN.

The right-wing communal RSS-BJP and the Zionist forces in Israel share close ideological similarities. The growing proximity of Indian government led by BJP and Israel is visible through increasing arms purchases and defence deals between the two countries. Along with its growing closeness to the US, it is to promote these relations that are detrimental to world peace and harmony that Indian government had joined Israel.

The AIPSO condemns the Indian government for betraying the Palestinian cause and joining hands with Israel. We appeal all the peace loving people of the country to raise their voices against the BJP government’s shifting foreign policy positions and forging close bonds with war mongering countries like the US and Israel.

AIPSO Secretariat
New Delhi

14th June 2019