19th April - Global Day of Action in Solidarity with Venezuela

Thursday, March 26, 2015

19th April 2015- No to the imperialist aggression against Venezuela

The World Peace Council condemns and denounces the recent escalation of the imperialist aggressiveness against the people and government of Venezuela as expressed by the “executive order” of the US President B.Obama in which he declares the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy and national security of the USA”.

The peace loving forces in the world and the WPC, consider this act of open intervention in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country a further increase of the imperialist aggressiveness of imperialism, in particular of the USA, which is aiming in the destabilization of the country and the support to reactionary forces of the local oligarchy which is struggling to secure and recover its privileges.

In a period of increasing aggressiveness of imperialism in all corners of the world, with wars, military interventions and exploitation, the USA is escalating its threats towards the people of Venezuela once more.

The WPC salutes the people of Venezuela which rejects by its vast majority the subversive plans from inside and outside the country and expresses its solidarity with the rights and demands of the people of Venezuela to defend their achievements and seek for the deepening of the Bolivarian process in order to become the real masters of their fortunes.

The World Peace Council calls upon all its members and friends in all the countries for a GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE OF VENEZUELA for the 19th April 2015.

We declare our full hearted solidarity to our member organization “Committee for International Solidarity" (COSI) and the anti-imperialist forces in Venezuela.

We call for protests against the US decree and initiatives in solidarity with the people of Venezuela, demanding the immediate lifting of the "executive order" and of the sanctions against Venezuela.

The World Peace Council
Athens March 25, 2015