The latest imperialist war on the Middle East - Socorro Gomes

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council

We are consternated by watching yet another escalation in the imperialist aggression against the Middle East. Besides all the confabulations with autocracies such as the Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the USA have a “sacred” alliance with the Zionism institutionalized in Israel and, especially in the last years, with Turkey. The aim is to destabilize governments contrary to their agenda or to intensify the pillaging of countries such as Iraq, left vulnerable due to the devastating wars and looting promoted by the US’ imperialism with their European allies.

The attempts on a military invasion and a direct coup against the government of President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria are overt and continuous since 2011. In a close alliance with the decadent European Powers, such as the UK and France, and the retrograde governments in the region, the USA fed and strengthened deleterious disputes in Syria aiming to overthrow a government that has not bowed to their mandates. They have also directly financed and trained the mercenary hordes and extremist groups that they have used to devastate the region, victimizing millions of civilians among the peoples of Iraq, Libya, Syria, besides Lebanon. The same could be said about the occupied Palestine: its people is slaughtered in a slow and dragged genocide perpetrated by the Zionist regime of Israel, with the unconditional support of the USA.

There were no interruptions in the recent history of imperialist interference in the Middle East: by promoting a militarist policy to supposedly “defeat terrorism” – or “manage it” – the US have led a persistent alliance against the Arab and Persian peoples in an attempt of dominating them and reformatting the Middle East as it pleases the US. The plan is not new, but the brutality disseminated and the results in a long chain of wars, coups and interferences behind the curtains are frightening, crueler and a threat for the peoples in the region and in the world.

The movements seeking and defending Peace must take a stand against the intensification of the aggression and the militarist escalation, promoted by the imperialists under the pretext of dealing with a great threat, the so-called Islamic State (IE), which was conceived and is still fed by them. Denouncing militarization, interferences and aggressions is continuous and extremely needed. While we emphatically condemn terrorism, extremism and the attacks on the region’s peoples by groups such as the IE, we refuse to accept the propitious environment created and the direct role of the imperialists in conceiving the threat that they now allege to confront, imposing even more violence and more suffering on the peoples.

This is a non-ending circle that the movements struggling for Peace must continue refusing. The peoples’ self-determination, the political processes as means to resolve conflicts, the non-interference on the nations’ affairs and the respect to their sovereignty are indispensable conditions for the establishment of peace among the nations. The USA and the members of the war-machine called NATO keep using all false pretexts to maintain their gigantic military presence and their aggressions against the world. Their only aim is to dominate and sack the wealth of the world’s peoples, even if it costs thousands of lives, generalized impoverishment and the vulnerability of whole peoples, caught in a web of endless bellicose propaganda, interferences and domination sustained by the imperialists.

The USA is leading a dubious coalition with some Arab countries and the UK – in an attempt to legitimize the violation of the Syrian sovereignty in an alleged combat against the terrorism that the imperialists themselves have created. Their airstrikes in Syria is another warning in the chain of wars imposed on the peoples in the region. Although it is paramount and necessary to face the threat represented by the myriad of armed and extremist groups that have been acting with brutality especially in Iraq and Syria, the imperialism’s actions follow the logic of flagrant and blatant violation of the most basic principles of international law, as well as the previous wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

In this ocean of violence, the peoples are constantly threatened and cannot find the means of living in Peace, since they are caught in the trap carefully elaborated by the imperialist Powers to destabilize governments.

This is way, comrades, we, the movements defending Peace and within the anti-imperialist struggle, need to reaffirm our position against the imperialist perpetual war in the Middle East, with the aim of dominating and pillaging it. The dissimulative propaganda, the manipulations, disinformation and the articulation of perfidious strategies for the aggression against the peoples in the region have to be exposed. The same is true for the systematic violations of the most fundamental principles of international law by the Power that believes to be above all nations in the world, the USA and their NATO allies, besides their instruments in the region.

The Syrians are being slaughtered by the mercenary and extremist hordes conceived by the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and their allies. The fact that now these are the same governments claiming to be the saviors who are confronting terrorism by bombarding Syria, also aiming to overthrow the government elected by the Syrians, is an affront to the cause of the peoples’ self-determination and to all peoples envisaging a world of peace. Terrorism must be defeated and the Syrians have made this plight in a number of fora, but they were ignored by the empire’s eagerness to overthrow their government at all costs.

Let there be no mistake: the imperialist interference in this region and the aggression against the peoples is the greatest threat to the whole world. We have come to this conclusion in the repeated wars that the empire has waged on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and also on Europe’s East, with the catastrophe imposed on Ukraine, the coup against its government, the Fascist ascension and the threat against Russia. They have arranged a siege made of provocations and military displays, besides the sanctions and plots stunted with the European Powers in international fora.

We suggest that the entities linked or friends with the WPC intensify their demonstrations and activities in their countries to denunciate and demand an end for the policies of domination and interferences in the Middle East. These policies have resulted in destabilization and suffering, in the dissemination of fanatical and extremist groups and in national fragmentation, which threatens the peoples in a constant state of war kept and strengthened by the imperialism.

For the end of the imperialist wars against the peoples in the Middle East!

For the respect towards the nations’ sovereignty!

Long live peace and solidarity among the peoples!

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council