Statement by MOVPAZ in the Face of the Escalade of Imperialist Aggressions

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples sets forth its most emphatic condemnation for the warlike escalade that has been taking place in recent weeks against Cuba and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Said offensive – evidenced by the numerous actions and measures in
practically all spheres – has its origin in the hostile policy practiced by the
President of the United States, Donald Trump against several nations and
particularly against the peoples of Bolívar and Martí.
The shots fired at the Cuban Embassy in Washington last April 30 and the
landing in La Guaira, in the vicinity of Caracas a few hours later of an armed
group organized in Colombia with sponsorship and financing of the USA
Intelligence Services with the purpose of assassinating Bolivarian leaders and
unleashing a coup d’état in Venezuela are expressions of the most varied
attitudes of the USA war circles.
Particularly shameful is the fact that this demented persecution against Cuba,
Venezuela, and also against Nicaragua (they also get hopes up of liquidating
the Sandinista Revolution) takes place at a time when humankind is suffering
the horrors of a pandemic that daily snatches tens of thousands of lives. The
USA government should focus solely in protecting its population in the face of
the increase of the infected and mortal victims in that country. These are not
times of caves and big guys with sticks in their hands, pretending to intimidate
their contemporaries.
The aggressions of the empire and its allies are a threat not only for these
countries but for the entire region by endangering the postulates that proclaim
Latin America and the Caribbean as Zone of Peace.
More than a century ago José Martí taught those of us whose hearts beat from
the core of Our America and those from any other geography that a just idea
emerged from the bottom of a cave can be stronger than an army. Imbued by
that spirit and waving world peace as pillar, the peoples of Cuba and Venezuela
will not yield an inch.

Hands off Cuba!

Hands off Venezuela!

Havana, May 4, 2020