Message of solidarity by the World Peace Council to the people of Venezuela

Monday, March 16, 2015

In the latest escalation of events aggravated by the US imperialist interferences, we again vehemently express, in the name of the World Peace Council, our repudiation of the aggressions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and of the coup attempts by imperialism, allied to the Venezuelan oligarchy and the extreme-right.

US President Barack Obama’s announcement of sanctions against seven Venezuelan officials, alleging that the South-American country represents an “unusual threat” to the US national security, is another demonstration of the imperialist effrontery and aggressiveness. Its coup enterprises are intensifying all over the world, but Venezuela is at the epicenter of these efforts of regime change against a Government that does not surrender to the imperialist dictates.

In a recent solidarity mission to the people of Venezuela, the World Peace Council could assess the current context and assert that, in accordance to what Venezuelan authorities have been affirming, a great share of the chaos spectacle is not real. The conservative media run by the Venezuelan oligarchy have allied themselves to imperialism, promoting the media-terrorism, while the groups in the extreme-right perform a conflict to destabilize a peaceful society, which ratified the revolutionary and Bolivarian course in at least 19 electoral processes.

We enthusiastically salute President Nicolás Maduro’s speeches on March 9 and 10. After verifying ad hoc that the Venezuelan people is united against the coup, to defend their important social victories, we repeat President Maduro’s words: “This is Simon Bolívar’s land, this land is sacred and cannot ever be touched by foreign and imperialist boots, and we must assure it with our own lives if necessary.”

The moment is one of serious threat to the Venezuelan national sovereignty and to the Bolivarian Revolution’s achievements. Our solidarity to Venezuela, its people and its Government is indeclinable. A solidarity extended to all Latin America and the Caribbean, manifesting against the imperialist interference, and the internal and external aggressions against Venezuela and its democratic process.

We decidedly support the Venezuelan authorities’ reiterated calls for a national, political and sovereign dialogue, in defense of the social achievements, the way forward and the solution for an internal conflict, free from the imperialist interference, always heedful for opportunities for its pillage and domination agenda.

Likewise, President Maduro’s call is evidently important for a national debate based on Venezuela’s history, since, as the rest of Latin America, the country has always been surrendered by the elites in power to the imperialist dictates. The achievement of sovereignty, especially through the popular appropriation of the oil, has to be emphasized, so people can understand what is at stake.

In the name of the World Peace Council, we reiterate our complete solidarity to the Venezuelan people and to the Bolivarian process of national liberation, sovereignty, dignity and the anti-imperialist defense. We further support the call for unity not only in Venezuela, but also among all peoples, in Latin America and the world, mindful of the devastating effects of the imperialist interferences.

Long live the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution!
End the imperialist interference in Latin America!

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council

11th March 2015