CPC on the arrival of the British fighter aircraft at the British base in Akrotiri - Send your fighter jets back!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) condemns the arrival of British Typhoon fighter jets at Akrotiri. The British military bases in Akrotiri are being prepared to be used once again as a launching pad. The arrival of the British fighter jets is part of the escalation of tension promoted by the USA, Britain and NATO in Eastern Europe centred on the Ukrainian-Russian border. The NATO forces are preparing for war without taking into account the security and future of the peoples.

We are sending out a clear message that the British fighter jets are not welcome in our country. As British fighter jets have come, they must leave NOW! Cyprus is neither a launching pad for NATO, nor for the British. The British bases are a cancer on the territory of our country, putting the peoples of the region in constant danger. The Cypriot people are fighting to make our country a bridge of peace and cooperation between the peoples.

We reiterate our demand towards the Government of the Republic of Cyprus that our country must not get involved in any way in the escalation of tension and should not consent to our country being used by the British and the other NATO military forces.

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Cyprus Peace Council