Statement of The Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE) about the protests in the USA

Thursday, June 4, 2020

EEDYE is uniting its voice with the thousands of protesters in the United States. These mobilizations, in the "capital" of capitalism, show that the peoples have not yet said their last word.
The Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE) expresses its full support and solidarity with the people of the United States who have been protesting massively in recent days against the repression, violence and barbarism of the US government. We express our deep disgust at the cold-blooded killings of protesters, threats from the US government to intensify repression with the use of the army, but also for the suppression of democratic rights and freedoms, as expressed by curfew in several cities.
The people’s reaction that is taking place in American society is not something that has been observed only during the Trump administration. Both the Obama administration and all previous Democrats and Republicans have to be held accountable, as they have shaped the situation to exacerbate racist crimes, police violence and repression. Behind Trump's statements, which attempt to equate popular demonstrations with terrorist acts, it is clear that their goal is the people and their struggle.
It is clear that the well-promoted "American dream", which in essence is a dream only for the powerful economic groups, while for the people it is a nightmare, is crushed in the millstones of the rotten exploitative system that gives birth to poverty, inequality, racism and on the other hand wars, interventions, repression. The assassination of George Floyd adds to the thousands of deaths and murders not only from racist violence, but also from poverty, hunger, accidents at work, all for the sake of capitalist profit.
We call on the people to draw conclusions from the hypocritical attitude of the governments of ND, SYRIZA, but also of the other bourgeois parties. On the one hand, they continue to congratulate about the deeper involvement of our country in US plans, describing Trump as "diabolically good", literally following in the footsteps of the crackdown on popular demonstrations (as was the case with the demonstrations at the Truman statue in Athens), while carrying out exercises to suppress popular mobilizations, such as at the Euro-Atlantic headquarters in New Santa in Kilkis. On the other hand, for all that is happening in the United States these days, they are either keeping a fishy silence, ravaging racism, violence and repression, or «playing deaf», general words of sympathy with the American people, such as the SYRIZA case, but the reality itself and close engagement with the US government and embassy solemnly proves otherwise.
EEDYE is uniting its voice with the thousands of protesters in the United States. These mobilizations, in the "capital" of capitalism, show that the people have not yet said their “last word”. They point out that we peoples are omnipotent and through our organized struggle we can "breathe", to get rid of the shackles of exploitation, poverty, racism, repression, imperialist wars and interventions. We have the power to build a world with real peace, friendship, solidarity, mutual and beneficial relationships!
Solidarity with the people of the United States! Solidarity in the fight against barbarism!

Athens, June 2, 2020