Neither Cyprus in NATO - Nor NATO in Cyprus

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Cyprus Peace Council, responding to the World Peace Council's call for anti-NATO actions in its member countries, organizes in view of the NATO Summit in Brussels on May 25-26, an anti-NATO event under the slogan "Neither Cyprus in NATO - Nor NATO in Cyprus". The event will take place on Friday, May 26th at 19:00 at the Castle Square in Larnaca. The event will be attended by organized groups of Turkish Cypriots as well as immigrants.
The imperialist aggression of NATO creates tragic consequences for mankind. In our region and particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean, a dangerous and unpredictable war scenario is foreshadowed, due to the imperialist plans in Syria, Palestine and the wider Middle East. Showing its cruelest face, the NATO imperialist machine is attempting through wars to re-map borders, re-share territories, control the energy production with the sole purpose of increasing the profits of a handful of multinational companies.
Humanity cannot stand by and watch the NATO murderous machine. There must be resistance. That is why, as the Cyprus Peace Council, we call on all the pacifists and the people of Cyprus to give their mass presence to the Anti-NATO event so that we can join our voices with the peoples of the rest of Europe and the world against NATO and its wars, demanding the dissolution of this war and destruction machine.
The people of Cyprus have every reason to demand the dismantling of NATO's war machine, as the wounds of the twin crime of 1974, the coup d’état and the invasion, are still open. A crime designed and organized in the NATO headquarters.
On Friday, May 26th, we join our voice with the World Peace Movement and send out a clear message: "Neither Cyprus in NATO - Nor NATO in Cyprus".
Nicosia, 19 May 2017
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