Article by Socorro Gomes: Support the peace efforts and end the imperialist interference in Korea

Friday, March 9, 2018

The solidarity movement and the World Peace Council have reiterated their support to the efforts of Korean rapprochement and for de-escalation of tensions in the Korean Peninsula, for security and peace in the region and the world. Therefore, they have emphatically denounced the imperialist interference that the US maintains and deepens in the region especially since the 1950s, through war and the division of Korea.

As the Korean people and the peace movement all over the world celebrated an important sign for a new type of relation between the People’s Korea and South Korea, with the participation of the former’s sports team and authorities in the Olympic Games in Seul, the US was showing their intention to upset the attempt of rapprochement with new war drills frequently held in the region.

While new achievements are accomplished in the intention of reconciliation, with the positive meeting due to April between the leaders of both countries, the US and their allies announced even more sanctions against dozens of entities and personalities from the People’s Korea.

Even so, the surprise – at least in those media that serve the empire, still depicting the People’s Korea as war thirsty – was the invitation by President Kim Jong-un so the very President Donald Trump visit the country, what may happen in May. The announcement is the result of a committed endeavor from the People’s Korea, which, while defending its sovereignty and resisting imperialist interference, also reaffirms its commitment with dialogue and peace, including by repeatedly inviting the US and South Korea for the signature of a definite treaty that concludes the ending of the 1953 war and the imperialist offensives or threats.

The aggressive policy of sanctions and the holding of offensive war drills clearly targeting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) can only lead to maintaining the escalation of tensions and an environment not conducive at all to dialogue and rapprochement.

The Korean people have already expressed their intention to reconciling and eventually peacefully reunite. The greatest obstacle to that achievement still is the imperialist interference and the offensive against the People’s Korea.

Therefore, the world peace movement must continue to closely follow up on the situation and to keep denouncing the warmongering performance of the USA and its allies among the powers to prevent the development of this process, while it must also encourage the constructive measures of dialogue and rapprochement.

For reconciliation and the end of the imperialist interference in the Korean Peninsula, solidarity between the peoples and peace.

*Socorro Gomes

President of the World Peace Council