At the same time as the peoples throughout the world, and particularly in Europe, are demanding that they want Peace, in a climate of economic crisis and vicious austerity imposed by the governments of the European Union, thousands of children in the Middle East and Africa are dying in their attempts to reach a country that will offer them the bare minimum to survive and for a life with prospects, as well as many other children of their age. Imperialism’s machines are being reloaded to kill even more of these children. In this context.

The Secretariat of the WPC successfully concluded its meeting in Athens on 27-28 May, at the Headquarters of the WPC with the participation of the Secretariat members from Brazil, Greece, Cuba, USA, Portugal, Cyprus, Palestine, Syria, South Africa, Congo, India and Nepal and guest organisations from the peace movements in Poland, Turkey and Israel.

COMMUNIQUÉ of the Secretariat is as follows:

In the framework of the initiatives of the Peace movement in Europe, namely the World Peace Council, that aim to denounce and reject the goals of NATO's summit – July 8th and 9th in Warsaw, Poland – and the demand for the dissolution of NATO, the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation took the initiative to propose to peace movement organisations in Portugal the promotion of common and converging actions in our country.

So several Portuguese organisations co-sign the following call:

Yes to Peace! No to NATO!
Protest against NATO Summit in Warsaw

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation took to the streets in Lisbon and other Portuguese cities, on May 16th distributing documents in solidarity with refugees.

The holding of a day of action against war and in solidarity with refugees on May 16th, in several European countries, was a decision adopted by the World Peace Council's European organizations that met in Almada in March.

Las organizaciones sociales y de masas de la Revolución Cubana que acompañamos los esfuerzos articuladores y de lucha por la justicia social y la unidad continental, manifestamosnuestra indignación y condena al golpe de Estado parlamentario que en el día de ayer consumó un paso alarmante en el propósito de destituir a la Presidenta Dilma Rousseff.

The organizations present at the European Regional Meeting held in Portugal in March, decided to promote in their countries solidarity initiatives with the refugees and against war, denouncing that this crisis has causes and those responsible.
One of the initiatives decided were to hold a day of solidarity actions on May 16th.
The organizations present at this Meeting approved the text “No to war! Solidarity with refugees!”.
In this framework, the organizations decided the designing of a flyer by the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC).

The South China Sea has been witnessing ever more complicated developments, with growing tension following China’s large-scale construction, military deployment and combined military-civilian operations, notably in the Paracel and structures in the Spratly archipelagos, which Chinese armed forces occupied in 1956, 1974 and 1988. Counter-moves have been taken in the South China Sea by other countries. All this is leading to dangerous threats to peace, security and stability in the region.


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