WPC's Message of Condolences about the demise of Colonel Jiri Bures

Monday, June 15, 2020

The World Peace Council (WPC) announces with deep sorrow the demise of comrade Jiri Bures, Chairman of the civic organization “Soldiers against War” of the Czech Republic and retired Colonel of the Czechoslovakian Army.
Comrade Jiri Bures passed away at the age of 86 having served all this life the defense of peace and friendship of the peoples. During his active time in the Czechoslovakian Army he dedicated his efforts, from various high-ranking positions and responsibilities to the oath he gave to defend peace. After the overthrow of socialism in Eastern Europe in 1991 he opposed the transformation of the army into a NATO instrument and initiated the creation of the organisation “Soldiers against War” seeking the cooperation with the WPC. He participated in several regional and international meetings and activities of the WPC, becoming a friend and comrade of dozens of Organisations, well known for his accurate ability to analyze and explain the role of NATO as imperialism’s war machinery. Colonel Jiri Bures was a committed Communist, a patriot and internationalist till the end of his life, a member and adviser of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM) and worked closely with the WPC member Czech Peace Movement. Jiri Bures contributed in the cooperation with progressive associations of retired military officers from various countries, earning the respect and recognition of his colleagues in many countries.
The WPC is proud of having the “Soldiers against War” as Associate Member of the WPC and underlines the special role and contribution of Jiri Bures for all these years. He will be remembered by the WPC and the coming generations as a pioneer of the struggle for peace, for a world without imperialist wars and exploitation.
The WPC expresses its sincere condolences to the family of our beloved Jiri Bures, to the Soldiers against War, to his party and to the Czech Peace Movement.

Athens 15th June 2020 the WPC Secretariat