WPC Condemns Atrocities on Rohingyas

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The World Peace Council condemns the ongoing brutal attacks and ruthless torture on Rohingyas people living in Rakhaine province in Myanmar which became an act of “Ethnic cleansing” resulting in killing of thousands of innocent people. The Myanmar government also forced millions of Rohingyas to cross border to take shelter mainly in Bangladesh and few thousands in India.

The horror pictures of the atrocities unfolded by the media have shocked the world conscience. Houses of the poor villagers have been set on fire indiscriminately; hundreds (more than 1000 estimated by UN officials) have been killed and thousands have been forced to leave their home and take shelter in Bangladesh as refugee. The United Nations estimated the number of refugees who have crossed to Bangladesh had reached about 270,000 due to so called “clearance operations” by the Myanmar’s armed forces.

The huge refugee influx into Bangladesh has put sky-high pressure on the social and economic situation of Bangladesh. The situation is so alarming that the world needs to step up its response urgently.

Unfortunately, Aung San Suu Kyi not only failed to contain the situation but remains silent spectator on such gross violence of Human Rights.

The WPC believes that the problems of Rohingyas can be dealt with by the recommendations of the respective UN Committee but should not be used for any political purpose of the imperialist powers or other involved parties.

WPC demands that United Nations should take appropriate diplomatic initiatives to resolve this issue and do its best to provide all kinds of help so that Rohingyas people can survive and with the help of all UN agencies they can return back their own country.

World Peace Council

Athens, September 20, 2017