Statement about the police violence against protests after the military Coup in Myanmar

Thursday, March 18, 2021

The World Peace Council (WPC) expressed its strong condemnation of the Military Coup carried out in Myanmar in the beginning of February 2021 which brought the country back also formally to the rule of the military junta. We denounce the imposition of a one-year state of emergency and the detention of State and Political leaders. Furthermore we denounce the violent attack of police and military against peaceful protests in the capital of the country among others.

We express our internationalist solidarity with the suffering people of Myanmar, who are facing the brutal repression and demand the full and immediate withdrawal of the state of emergency, including all related decrees of the Junta as well the release of all political leaders from jail.

We call upon the peace loving forces and the people of Myanmar to resist and struggle against the military coup and to fight for their democratic, political rights and freedoms in the country. At the same time the recent Coup is revealing the contradictions of a political settlement with the military which is ruling since decades the country and the illusions applied by sides of the civil leadership which put the sacrifices of the people at stake again.

The people of Myanmar deserve a peaceful life without military rule and without foreign interference of powerful “friends” in order to become the masters of their life and of the country.

The Secretariat of the WPC

18th March 2021