Socorro Gomes: We salute the Venezuelan people for their victory in the election of the National Constituent Assembly

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It is with joy and confidence that we receive the news of the results of the democratic elections in Venezuela for the composition of the National Constituent Assembly, called for in a legitimate and sovereign process. We are confident that this magnificent result creates better conditions to restore peace in the country and achieve political stability. It also strengthens the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian government to resist the imperialist interference of the United States and its allies and the coup attempts of the reactionary and unpatriotic oligarchy.

More than eight million Venezuelans went to the polls this Sunday (July, 30) to give their vote of confidence to men and women who will legitimately undertake plenipotentiary constitutional powers. The Venezuelan people have come to the polls with civility, despite attempts by the reactionary forces to promote chaos and violence, aided by the media war against the Bolivarian Revolution.

Representing more than 40% of Venezuela's electorate, the brave men and women who voted in more than 15,000 polling stations around the country reaffirmed popular support for the progressive government's alternative to end violence and the anti-democratic aggressiveness of the right-wing and fascist opposition, backed by US imperialism and regional reactionary forces.

Few countries know such a democratic exercise. Since the election of President Hugo Chávez, Venezuela has had several electoral consultations in which the people participated directly in the construction of the Bolivarian Revolution. The electoral norms have proved to be democratic, legitimate and transparent, which evidences the lie promoted through the anti-national and antidemocratic media war that the Venezuelan government imposes a dictatorial regime on the people.

The World Peace Council and its member organizations have therefore stepped up their mobilization in solidarity with the Venezuelan people in defending their democracy and sovereignty, expressing, through statements, support actions and other forms, our complete rejection of the US imperialist interference and the coup attempts of the violent reactionary forces of Venezuela.

We therefore call for an immediate end to the attempts by the United States and its European and regional allies to isolate Venezuela.

We salute the Venezuelan people for such an inspiring democratic exercise and resistance!

Long live Venezuela, for peace, social justice and national and popular sovereignty!

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council