Socorro Gomes: Trump attacks the Palestinian national cause, violates international law and provokes war

Friday, December 8, 2017

The US President Donald Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist Israeli State, and the decision of establishing in this city the US Embassy in Israel, are affronts to international law, a violation of the United Nations resolutions, and an abject offense to the Palestinian people’s dignity, honor and rights. They constitute another obstacle for the realization of the Palestinian national cause and are a provocation of war.

The US imperialism is therefore against the opinion of the overwhelming majority of nations and against the previously signed bilateral agreements. It sparks the peoples’ opposition, especially the Arabs', and prompts disagreement from its own allies.

By acting again in a brutal and unilateral way, US imperialism benefits the aggressive Zionist state, which constantly violates international laws, commits massacres of the Palestinian people and sows insecurity all over the Middle East.

The World Peace Council repudiates Donald Trump’s statement and decision about the Jerusalem question. We reaffirm our endeavor for peace and our unlimited solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council