Socorro Gomes: Toward the end of the nearly six-decade-old imperialist blockade against revolutionary Cuba!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Another one of the anachronistic US policies, perhaps the most persistently held by the empire in its obsessive virulence against the brave rebel island, the blockade against Cuba persists. On Monday (10), chauvinist President Donald Trump, as do the successive US governments, renewed the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act, which sustains this crime.

Peace organizations and personalities dedicated to the cause of justice repudiated the continuity of this infamy, which is to be debated by the United Nations General Assembly in September.

The international peace movement, made up of popular forces and diverse personalities committed to the struggle for a democratic world order, such as the World Peace Council, have insisted on the strong denunciation of the criminal blockade imposed by the United States in 1962 against revolutionary Cuba.

The blockade is a repulsive interference in domestic politics and in the directions defended by the Cuban people in valiant resistance and in haughty construction of a more just socio-political and economic system and defender of national and human emancipation.

The blockade is an anachronistic, retrograde and offensive policy that should never have taken place in the concert of nations. It is evident that only imperialist countries could support an aggression of such great proportions and persistence against a nation to punish it for its affirmation and combative position against a system of exploitation, oppression and domination, to defend its sovereignty, to support the peoples who fought and strive for their liberation and for promoting an international order of cooperation and friendship.

In 2017, this was evident in the vote in the UN General Assembly that almost unanimously rejected the blockade - with votes against the resolution on the subject presented only by the US and its ally, or accomplice, Israel.

In the coming weeks Cuba must once again, as it has done more than two decades, raise the discussion in the General Assembly. Cuba will expose the dire consequences of the more than 50 years of blockade and the persistent attempt to isolate the Cuban people and stifle their economy to precipitate, as the US has done in so many other countries, the overthrow of the revolutionary government. The resistance of the Cuban people to such pressure and aggression has not only maintained but also deepened the revolution, as we see in the recent democratic, sovereign and popular discussion of the country’s new Constitution.

As a friend of the people fighting for peace, justice and development around the world, Cuba continues to inspire democratic and peace-loving forces and must receive more support to defeat once and for all the blockade with which imperialism tries to stop the revolution.

The criminal responsibility of successive US governments for the catastrophic effects, even if they have not been enough to bend the will of the heroic Cuban people, must be denounced!

For the end of the US blockade of Cuba, the closure of the US military base and center of torture and the return of Guantanamo territory to its legitimate owners, now!

Socorro Gomes,

President of the World Peace Council