Socorro Gomes: In support of the Nicaraguan people's defense of the sovereign dialogue for peace

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Strengthening our solidarity with the people and the legitimately elected government of Nicaragua in the defense of national sovereignty and democracy, the peace forces in Latin America and the world are following with concern the crisis' unfolding in the Central American country. It should be evident that foreign interference in Nicaragua has aggravated the situation and must be repudiated!

The World Peace Council and other popular forces have denounced the wave of coups or putschist attempts throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in collusion between national and regional oligarchies and their employers, the United States. The Nicaraguan case, in which the people and the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) have a historic legacy of brave resistance against US aggressions, is one of them.

That is why we express our support for the Nicaraguan people and the Sandinista Front government, led by a legitimately elected president, Daniel Ortega, in resisting coup attempts and calling for dialogue to overcome, sovereignly, the crisis established in the country.

Exploiting the just demands of peoples for rights and the deepening of democracy, or in times of economic crisis born in the context of global crisis or artificially fomented, is a well-known tactic to cause destabilization. A media war has stimulated the environment of virulence and antagonism in the country, against the Sandinista government.

Violent paramilitary groups or obscure historical movements are created and, when unveiled, have proven links with American agencies, deputies and institutes known to stimulate destabilizing forces to cause "regime changes", as components of coups d'état or of crises that provoke conservative and neo-liberal turns in various countries.

In addition, the Sandinista Front has been the target of acts of terror articulated by sectors of the local oligarchy, sponsored by the United States. In spreading hatred, reactionary forces and their paramilitary groups act brutally and have killed more than 100 people, most of them identified with the Front. Such horrendous acts must be repudiated in the strongest terms!

As we have recently denounced, the aim of such ignominy is to provoke the overthrow of the Ortega government to enable its replacement by a government that acts like a puppet of US imperialism, counting on the demonization of Sandinismo, a living patriotic movement in anti-imperialist resistance, to foment antagonism and violence in the country.

We therefore demand the end of foreign interference in Nicaragua's crisis, so that a democratic and sovereign national dialogue can move forward. We have already seen the effects that a crisis prolonged and artificially sustained by imperialist meddling and the servile and virulent antagonism of reactionary forces and oligarchies may have in too many situations, although such effects and their victims are calculated as mere collateral damage in the general account for the promotion interests of the powers.

For the popular and national sovereignty of Nicaragua and the end of imperialist interference!
In solidarity with the Nicaraguan people and their legitimately elected government!

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council