Socorro Gomes - Speech on the Centennial of the October Revolution, Russia

Friday, November 10, 2017

Speech by Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council, at the commemorations of the Centennial of the October Revolution, events of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
November 2017 | Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia

Dear comrades,
Dear comrades of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation,

Dear representatives of the progressive parties and youth, union, women and popular organizations. It is an immense honor to participate in the celebration of the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

On behalf of the peace fighters, the World Peace Council conveys to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation the deepest gratitude for the invitation and organization of these events to celebrate a glorious date for the Russian people and all of humanity.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for the strengthening of hope and unity among the democratic and progressive forces of the world that struggle for social emancipation, national liberation and peace.

The World Peace Council has the strongest and deepest conviction that without the triumph of the Russian Revolution it would not have been possible to imagine peace and the people’s triumph against the most powerful war machine that sowed unprecedented pain for humanity.

The Russian Revolution has been realized and triumphed in the name of peace, under the inspiration of the struggle for peace. Indeed, it assured peace, which has been one of its main decrees.

The great Brazilian writer Jorge Amado wrote one of his masterpieces based on a visit he made to the socialist countries after the Second World War. He called his work The World of Peace, when referring to the socialist countries that inherited the October Revolution.

In fact, the great Russian Revolution and the international socialist system have created the powerful basis for fighting and securing world peace. Humanity will be eternally grateful to the Soviet people for their heroism in the struggle to save it from Nazi-fascism.

Likewise, the Russian Revolution has guaranteed an important support base for the national liberation struggle of the oppressed peoples by imperialism and colonialism.

It was the basis for the powerful struggle for national liberation, for independence, without which social progress is impossible. The Soviet country was a fortress for the elimination of the chains that oppress and massacre the peoples.

Because of its commitment to peace and the liberation of the peoples, the Soviet country helped immensely with its political and moral force the creation and strengthening of the world peace movement. Hence the hatred of the forces of imperialism, the reaction and the war against the values promoted by the October Revolution.

Today, imperialism, under the leadership of the United States and its allies of the European Union, NATO and the world's reaction, are carrying out a brutal offensive against peace and the sovereignty and rights of peoples, international laws and democracy. They endanger the peace and security of nations with their military bases, nuclear weapons, arms race, militarism, interventions and coups.

Inspired by the October Revolution’s ideals of struggle for peace and anti-imperialism, the World Peace Council continues in the struggle for the liberation of humanity from wars, oppression and interventions.

We are fighting against all the warmongering adventures of imperialism today and we express our support to the peoples targeted by the imperialist offensive.

We highlight China's contributions for peace, the impetus of Vietnam for the consolidation of its sovereignty and social progress, the resistance of the People’s Korea, and the tenacious struggle of Cuba against the blockade and its incontestable victories.

We stand with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupation, the heroic resistance of Syria and the fair struggle of the Ukrainian people and all the peoples of Europe against fascism, with its new expressions.

We reaffirm our commitments for a future of peace and progress for all peoples, of international solidarity and freedom, where we can all build sovereign processes of national and social emancipation.

Together, we know that we can honor the heroes and martyrs of humanity and show that their dreams, wishes and desires are possible, in persistent and courageous resistance against domination, wars, oppression and national and social exploitation.

The struggle continues for peace, justice and fraternity among the peoples. For this, the widest possible unity among all those who fight for the common cause of peace, democracy, justice, the peoples’ rights and social progress is indispensable.

The longing for a world of peace is still alive.

Long live the glorious October Revolution! Long live the peoples’ resistance, unity and struggle for peace and international solidarity!