Socorro Gomes: Greeting another victory of democracy in Venezuela, we stengthen our solidarity with the Venezuelan people

Friday, June 1, 2018

With 68% of the votes, the Bolivarian Revolution achieved another unquestionable victory through the ballot boxes, facing the offensive against democracy in Venezuela. This result sends a strong message to the reactionary and anti-patriotic forces in the country, who are subdued by the US imperialist interests, facing with the bravery granted by the fairness of the country's policy the aggressive international interference in Venezuela's internal affairs.

We congratulate, with confidence and solidarity with the heroic Venezuelan people, the new victory achieved on the 20th of May, which re-elected President Nicolás Maduro to continue leading the Nation.

Expressing the strength of unity in a progressive front, the Venezuelan people resist and does not surrender the sovereign construction of their people. The World Peace Council, therefore, joins the democratic forces in support to the Venezuelan people's struggle, in defense of their sovereignty, peace and social progress.

At the same time, we emphatically reject the position taken by the cartel formed by the governments of the countries in the "Lima Group" to threaten the Bolivarian government, a group that includes an illegitimate government borne out of a coup d'Etat, which is the case of Michel Temer's government in Brazil. This group fulfills the interests of imperialism by anouncing not to recognize the electoral result, they trump over Venezuela's democracy simply because in it, they loose.

We strengthen our solidarity with the Venezuelan people and the democratic, popular, and progressive forces in the country, in the region and the world that does not give up resistance to the colonialist offensive against the nation and its people.

Again we salute the electoral victory and the nation's democratic and sovereign path ahead, while we firmly condemn the aggressions and sabotage against Venezuela and the interference in its internal affairs.

We wish success to the Venezuelan people and government in strengthening democracy, sovereignty and peace!

Socorro Gomes,
President of the World Peace Council
May 25, 2018