Socorro Gomes: For an end to Israel's impunity in the massacre of Palestinians!

Monday, April 2, 2018

The State of Israel has felt free to perpetrate the most heinous crimes against the Palestinian population, who survive and resist military occupation, apartheid and colonialism. The most recent episode of a daily violence, in a criminal regime, was the brutality of the repression of a protest in the Gaza Strip on Land Day, the 30th of March, near the line marked by Israel as a buffer zone.

The families of at least 16 Palestinians have mourned them this Saturday (31st of March) after the massacre committed by the Israeli forces, in an action that left hundreds wounded, with the use of live munitions. The repression conducted by the occupation forces is often fatal and must be widely condemned, but more than that, the conditions for the repetition of episodes like this one, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, must end.

The World Peace Council has reiterated its resolute solidarity with the Palestinian people in their just cause for freedom. Like a huge part of the international community, we have reaffirmed our firm support to the just two-states solution that must guarantee the peaceful coexistence, side by side, of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

However, the prolonged wait of the Palestinian people for the establishment of their free and sovereign state has only granted rewards to the occupying power, Israel, which moves forward with a criminal plan for the colonization of Palestine. In this process, in the face of the Palestinian people's brave resistance, in a situation that is extremely asymmetric, the brutality of the Israeli repression reaches outrageous levels that offend the humanity's consciousness.

The unsustainability of this situation is clear, and it is unacceptable that part of the international community continues to ask patience from the Palestinian people. Although we are all committed to building peace, this process cannot continue over the dead bodies of young people, workers, women, children, mothers, fathers or whole families, over the rubbles of their homes, or under the control exacted through massive and arbitrary detentions and an apartheid regime already broadly denounced.

We call on the United Nations and on the State of Israel's accomplices in this daily massacre of the Palestinian people to take actions to end the occupation and the colonization of Palestine— as well as the blockade of Gaza, which already lasts one decade— with no further delay.

Five decades have already passed since the establishment of the Israeli military occupation; countless people were already victims of this reality and one of them is the human consciousness. We express our solidarity with the victims' families in yet another episode of the Palestinian people's massacre by Israel and demand the end of the Israeli occupation, now!

End the genocide of the Palestinian people!

Long live a free and sovereign Palestine!

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council