Socorro Gomes: In a clear contrast, Venezuela calls for peace as Trump announces war

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Between September 16 and 19, the Venezuelan people organized an important action of sovereign affirmation, in which delegates from several countries, representatives of diverse organizations, associations and social movements, as well as heads of State, could express their support and solidarity to the brotherly people of Venezuela in the fierce and sustained resistance against imperialist interference, against the offensive of the reactionary and oligarchic forces and for the continuity and deepening of the great Bolivarian Revolution.

The meeting's title, World Day Todos Somos Venezuela: Dialogues for Peace, Sovereignty and the Bolivarian Democracy, was an important reinforcement of the commitment of all democratic and progressive forces in opposition to the massive global media war against a government legitimately elected by the Venezuelan people, an offensive already known in the imperialist intervention booklet to try to impose regime change and overthrow governments that dare to resist it. That is why we reaffirm, as the World Peace Council and various other movements have being doing, our full support for the Venezuelan people’s commitment to dialogue, whereas they don’t back down from the struggle in defense of their sovereignty and the Bolivarian democracy.

We know, with countless evidences, that US hegemonic policy has always looked at Latin America and the Caribbean from the maps where they calculate their tactics of domination and exploitation, from a geostrategic logic to devising forms of destabilization and to installing subservient and docile governments, as mere agents for the delivery of their countries.

For almost two decades, since the homeland of Simón Bolívar, Commander Hugo Chávez Frías has dared to raise the struggle of the Venezuelan people against the nation’s submission. It is a historical transformation that has laid the groundwork for the growing roots of the Bolivarian Revolution, which has ensured that a popular and national process vigorously resisted the almost ceaseless attempts of coup d’État and destabilization over the years.

During this period, democratic and progressive forces throughout the world and the members the World Peace Council have never relegated their commitment and unyielding solidarity to the Venezuelan people. After all, we believe that the defense of national sovereignty and the self-determination of peoples, along with non-interference in the internal affairs of nations and international cooperation, are the pillars that must support a new international order liberated from imperialism, in which every nation can to build the process by which it is emancipated.
That is why we defend the inalienable right of the Venezuelan people to define with what instruments and tactics they must overcome the grave political and economic crisis that has arisen, cultivated in the wake of the destabilizing attempts of the opposition and the reactionary, fascist and violent forces sponsored by US imperialism and benefited by the incessant media war against the Bolivarian government of President Nicolás Maduro.

We warmly welcome the elections to the National Constituent Assembly, which demonstrate not only the commitment to a democratic exit from this crisis, but also the people’s commitment to advance the process of national transformation, deepening the commitments of the Bolivarian Revolution. We reaffirm, in our counter-offensive to the media war, that few nations in the world know of such a democratic effort as demonstrated during the almost two decades in which the revolutionary commitment was constantly endorsed by the people.

On the other hand, we strongly denounce the position adopted by the United States President Donald Trump in the General Assembly of the United Nations, making the belligerent policies clearer in very serious threats to international peace, already repeatedly undermined by hegemonic and warlike politics.

Trump made an obvious attempt to terrorize all those who do not bow before the US blackmail, shouting, distributing threats of economic sanctions and the total isolation of Venezuela, Cuba, People's Korea and Iran, countries already routinely victims of US outrages.

In a paroxysm of hatred and recklessness, which strikes and offends everyone, Trump intends to bring us all to the brink of an armed conflict of unimaginable proportions and consequences. The response of the peoples cannot be other than the intensification of the struggle for the total end of this order based on brute force, inaugurating a new world order, where respect prevails among nations, where dialogue replaces weapons in the resolution of differences.

That is why, as we express our solidarity with the Venezuelan people in facing the crisis, the violence and the repeated coup attempt, appealing for international support committed to respect for Venezuela’s sovereignty, we have also expressed, from every force part of the World Peace Council, our confidence in the anti-imperialist resistance and in the defense of Bolivarian democracy and peace, which will continue to count on our resolute solidarity and commitment in this struggle.

Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council