Message of Socorro Gomes, President of WPC to the 1st Caribbean Peace Conference under the auspices of WPC,to be held in Bridgetown Barbados on 6-7 October 2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dear friends of the Caribbean organizations in the World Peace Council:
From Brazil, receive my warm greetings and salutation for such an important meeting of the Caribbean members of the World Peace Council, in a period of such great challenges for the peace forces in our region and in the world. The regional activities, in spite of the great difficulties we face, have to be celebrated as the strengthening of our common struggle and, therefore, I want to salute you effusively.
The world situation imposes grave concerns on those of us constantly and decidedly resisting the imperialist
and neoliberal powers’ attempts to subdue the peoples, imposing exploitation and domination. To resistance,
these powers, especially our neighbor the United States of America, respond with war and/or the criminal attempts of regime change, coups d’etat in the very 21st century, in alliance with local oligarchies that do not accept the processes of democratic, popular and sovereign change.
We recall, at this point, the sabotage of flight 455 of Cubana de Aviación between Barbados and Jamaica, on the 6th of October, 1976, perpetrated by the counter-revolutionary allies of the CIA, which killed over 70 people. It was once again evident which is the destabilizing and criminal method used by the US beside coups d’etat and military interventions against the nations that do not surrender. Recalling it expresses our solidarity with the victims, their families and peoples, and strengthens our anti-imperialist commitment with the
sovereignty of brave peoples and nations that insist on struggling for their second independence and for an
international order of mutual respect and friendship.
Therefore, we protest and denounce the brazen and irresponsible threats made by the US President Donald
Trump against the world and the revolutionary peoples of Cuba and Bolivarian Venezuela from the platform of the UN General Assembly, staining the UN Charter with war declarations. We continue resisting and strengthening our struggle against imperialism, colonialism and exploitation, confident that our unity will defeat the empire of war and domination.
Long live the Caribbean peace organizations!
Long live solidarity among the peoples!
Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council