EEDYE on the Developments in the Aegean Sea

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace (EEDYE) underlines the dangerous character of the continuous violations of the air and maritime space of Greece, the challenging of the Lausanne Treaty regarding the Greek-Turkish borders and the threats of Turkey regarding the non-extradition of the Turkish officers who fled in July to Greece, by the Supreme Court.
These developments do not leave the slightest space for underestimation or complacency as the Greek government is trying to present them as actions for “internal consumption”. The whole region is a “boiling pot” of wars, interventions and the fierce competition for the control of markets, energy and other sources, as well as the transport roads. The ruling classes of the imperialist states and of the states of the region, amongst them the ones of Greece and Turkey are part of the “game”.
These developments crush the myths about “security and stability” supposedly provided by NATO and the European Union. The violations and other actions of Turkey are taking place just in front of the armada of NATO. NATO and EU in fact are steering the Turkey’s aggressiveness.
The positions of EEDYE regarding the European Union and NATO are proved right , likewise our assessment on the immense dangers for the Greek people from the involvement of Greece in the imperialist plans, the wars and interventions for the sake of the “obligations to the alliance”.
We call upon all Peace Committees in Greece for increased vigilance and preparedness along with increased actions of information, discussions on the developments of the Greek-Turkish relations, combined with the general matters. Both our peoples are having the common enemies which are the ruling classes which want our peoples subservient to their plans.
The peoples of Greece and Turkey shall not become the victims of the plans of the ruling classes
Let us strengthen the common struggle against the imperialist plans and against the Greek involvement.
Athens, 1st February 2017 The Secretariat of EEDYE