The Czech Peace Movement condemns shameful destruction of Marshal Konev's memorial in Prague

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Czech Peace Movement strongly condemns the shameful destruction of the memorial of Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Stepanovich Konev, commander of the Red Army which 75 years ago brought freedom and peace to Prague. The leadership of the Municipal Dictrict Prague 6 headed by mayor Ondřej Kolář disgracefully ordered the destruction of said memorial, which for four decades symbolized gratitude for liberators of our capitol and country from fascist's occupation and terrors of the World War II.

The Czech Peace Movement indignantly highlights that the destruction of the memorial happened in times of a state of emergency and prohibition of free movement of persons ordered due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Mayor of the Municipal District Prague 6 used this situation, as he said, to "no riffraff could protest" against this outrageous removal of an antifascist memorial.

The Czech Peace Movement hereby appeals to all democratic and peaceful forces to stand up in defence of memorials, monuments and other public reminders of the heroic struggle against fascism and therefore reject escalating attempts of historical revisionism and falsification

Milan Krajca, chairman of the Czech Peace Movement