Concert for Peace unites wills in Portugal

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It was a magnificent Concert for Peace that completely filled the Rivoli Theatre in Oporto, last January. Promoted by the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC), it had the support of the Oporto Town Hall and the committed participation of several organizations and around 200 artists, from all ages.

In the hall of the theatre was an exhibition of poetry for peace from students of several Oporto schools.

This concert, the second in Oporto was part of the Concerts for Peace that the Portuguese Council has been promoting throughout the country since 2014 in Lisbon. Next concerts will take place in the following months in Lisbon, Gaia, Coimbra, and other cities.

As was said in this Oporto concert, Concerts for Peace are a way to signal, through many voices, our outrage at the wars of aggression and to also express through many voices our solidarity with the peoples victim of colonialism, interference and armed conflicts, victim of injustice and social inequality, of oppression and of the disrespect for their national sovereignty and independence. A way for all to say “Yes to Peace! No to War!”