Call for participation: Fifth International Seminar for Peace and against Foreign Military Bases - Guantánamo, Cuba

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In the begining of this year, based on our most recent debates and Assembly, we again assess the peoples' challenges around the world, in their strengthened anti-imperialist struggle for peace. Among the persistent and intensified challenges, we have consistently highlighted the spread of foreign military bases at the service of the US imperialist agenda and other powers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

That is why the World Peace Council (WPC) joins the Cuban Movement for Peace and the Peoples' Sovereignty (MOVPAZ) to invite all justice- and peace-loving forces, defending the sovereignty of nations and opposing the logic of threat and war imposed by imperialism on the planet, for the V International Seminar for Peace and against the Foreign Military Bases, between May 4 and 6, 2017.

The seminar site is deeply symbolic: Guantánamo, Cuba, which has part of its territory occupied by a US naval base for over a century. It is the oldest base in the world, still held by the US at Guantánamo against the expressed will of the Cuban people.

We have thus strengthened our global campaign against foreign military bases, also calling for coordinated mobilization in various countries and all continents, with actions that unequivocally express our demand for the dismantling of these outposts of imperialism, which violates the peoples' sovereignty and tries to subjudue them in every way.

We oppose all forms of expression of the imperialist threat against the peoples, and foreign military bases are among the main manifestations of this threat. From Africa to Latin America, from the Malvinas to Japan, we demand the end of the imperialist military bases, now!

That is why, once again, we call upon peace activists and organizations for the mobilization and participation at the Fifth International Seminar for Peace and against the Foreign Military Bases in Guantanamo and in the actions in various countries, denouncing these imperialist outposts. We meet in Guantánamo!

Socorro Gomes,
President of the World Peace Council