Article by Socorro Gomes: Strengthen the support to the Bolivarian Revolution against the imperialist threats

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The world peace movement, the progressive forces and defenders of social justice, sovereignty and solidarity have marked, a few days ago, the five years since the passing of Comandante Hugo Chávez, whose arrival in the Venezuelan Government has brought historical achievements to the people. The hard work for overcoming so many decades of plunder, domination and oppression while affirming national sovereignty had only begun and the reactionary forces, supported by the imperialist powers, began their eager activity to prevent the continuity of the process.

Today the counter-revolutionary action is ongoing, through threats, sanctions and an offensive policy against the Bolivarian Revolution, actions to which we must all resist.

As President Nicolás Maduro said on the occasion of the anniversary of Comandante Chávez's passing away, the ex-President has led Venezuela in its entrance into the 21st century and in "reclaiming" its "national being". But this inspiration has crossed the borders of this sister country, bringing Venezuela to the support and cooperation with other sister nations in the same struggle so the peoples can retake the wheels of their fortunes.

The most recent demonstration of this project for the peoples' liberation and of the unity necessary to push it forward was the great World Day of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution - We are all Venezuela, in the beginning of this month, which had over 300 international delegates from almost 100 countries, besides over 500 representatives of different Venezuelan entities.

The participants have rejected the aggression in the forms of US and European sanctions and the brutal media and political war that aggravate the country's social and economic issues, backing reactionary forces and sabotaging the sovereign nation's economy and its people, to destabilize the progressive government.

The World Day has approved the Caracas Declaration with a brave cry of resistance and rejection of any intention of either a direct intervention or a military coup in Venezuela, as recently suggested by the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The Bolivarian Revolution's defense must emphasize on the achievements and the projects for the future both for Venezuela and the friendly peoples. Since the elimination of illiteracy and the raising of levels of education for the youth, the unprecedented expansion of the space for political participation, the expressive reduction of misery and the resolute fight against inequality, which are historically rooted in the political and economic systems of the entire region, until the defense of an international order of cooperation, fairer and based on multi-lateralism and on the respect for the respect of the nations' sovereignty, the Bolivarian Venezuela's contribution to humankind is indispensable.

In a moment of aggravated imperialist offensive and of the ascension of backward, fascist forces and neoliberalism, the peoples should be able to count on the support of the progressive forces to face the persistent policy of domination and exploitation.

In this framework, the Venezuelan people must also be able to continue counting on the successive achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution free from foreign interference and threats. May the action and expression of solidarity from all the peace-loving forces with the victorious Bolivarian Revolution and the brave Venezuelan people be strengthened.

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council