Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Committee Against War Milan ("Comitato Contro la Guerra Milano" CCLGM ), welcomes the victory of Venezuela constituent vow, that demonstrated democracy and showed brave lesson by massive cabinet participation.

More than 8 Million Venezuelan voters faced the block and violence of fascism and coupist terrorism, that tried every ways to stop people from freely expressing their vow and expression, as it has been well described by the journalist Geraldina Colotti of "Il Manifesto" newspaper.
The organized squads, financed and sponsored by imperialism, with criminals who posed as innocent and defenceless people by media and accomplished governments.

The same script used on others aggression against sovereign states, which refused the imperialism yoke and for that defined "rogue states", it has been proposed again.
These methods used on large scale started from NATO war against Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, all these attacks were also allowed and supported by Israel and EU.

Just in these time, when the constituent assembly is installed, Rex Tillerson, the secretary of USA, threatens to remove the "dictator" Maduro if him doesn't leave his chair, of President of Venezuela, by himself. We are now facing a clear international law violation, a fact that alas, it always happens in the USA foreign politics.

Venezuela has started his route, made by popular participation, in spite of the threats and intimidations.

The duty, for every real democratic person, it is to stay as close as possible, to the indomitable Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
These are not circumstantial phrases, but they are the expressions of deep thinking which is addressed to the democracy and peace for all Peoples, especially for those countries that belong to the USA black list.

Committee Against War Milan sends a warm and intense welcome too all Venezuela's friends and comrades.

* Gloria al Bravo Pueblo (Gloria al Popolo Coraggioso) : "Glory to the brave People" is the Venezuela national anthem
- https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloria_al_Bravo_Pueblo
- https://youtu.be/E3dDASulWgo