The International Mission in Solidarity with the Syrian people and Youth was held successfully by the World Peace Council (WPC) and the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) from 29-31 October in the Syrian capital Damascus. More than 90 delegates from 55 Youth and Peace Structures coming from 37 countries, participated in the mission expressing their full-hearted solidarity with the Syrian people.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation commemorated September 21 the International Day of Peace, promoting several initiatives in several cities throughout the country, and by making public the text below.

September 21 – International Day of Peace
Let us broaden our action for peace, for disarmament, for solidarity

PANA (Peace and Neutrality Alliance of Ireland) is going to host the First International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases, to be held in Dublin, Ireland, from November 16-18, 2018. The conference is co-organised by the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, USA.

Keynote speakers of the conference are:

Dr. Zuhal Okuyan
Chairwoman, Peace Committee of Turkey

Thanassis Pafilis
General Secretary, World Peace Council; Member of Greek Parliament, Greece

Myriam Parada Avila
Executive Director, School of Peace Foundation, Colombia

The Commitee against the war Milan on 21th September organized a mobilization in front of the prefecture of Milan to deliver a letter to the Italian government about the missile attack against Syria and for the Russian airplane that was shot down. Report Video:

This is the letter:

“To His Excellency the Prefect of Milan,

with request to send it to

The President of The Council of ministers Giuseppe Conte


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