Down with imperialism
Down with war

We condemn the attack made by the coalition comprising the USA, Britain, France and Israel on Syria.

This attack once again showed that imperialism is content with stupid pretexts for declaring war. There is no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. And there is no reason for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons and shoot itself, at a moment when it is defeating the jihadist gangs.

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance along with World Beyond War condemns unreservedly the overnight attacks carried out by Western powers on the Syrian Arab Republic.

The pretext for this offensive is that a chemical weapons attack has allegedly been carried out by the Syrian Government and that international law banning prohibiting chemical weapons must be upheld. Given that the bombing of a sovereign state is itself a violation of international law, we are being asked to believe that international law must be broken in order that it be upheld -- a manifest absurdity.

The World Peace Council (WPC) denounces vehemently today's morning criminal raid by the imperialists of the USA, Great Britain and France against Syria. The bombing of Syrian targets on the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army in the east of the capital, which was once more never confirmed, took place only a few days after Syria prevailed over armed mercenaries in East Ghouta and the evacuation of the area which began to return to relative normality.

Brazil sails through rough waters. Facing the offensive of conservative forces which are supported by US imperialism and intensifying angry moods that give space for violence and fascism. The latest arbitrary episode, which was already condemned internationally, is the Supreme Federal Court’s denial of habeas corpus and subsequent arrest warrant of Lula, issued on the 5th of April by a judge who ran over the law.

"Preso soy un héroe, muerto soy un mito, libre soy presidente"

"Quien me condenó sin pruebas sabe que soy inocente y que goberné con honestidad. Los que nos persiguen pueden hacer lo que quieran conmigo, pero jamás podrán encarcelar nuestros sueños".

The arrest warrant issued on Thursday (5th of April) for President Lula, the greatest popular leader that our country has ever had, is unconstitutional. Lula is the victim of an offensive coordinated between the national reactionary elite and US imperialism to prevent his return to the Presidency of the Republic.

The Cyprus Peace Council expresses its deep concern at the start of the work for the construction of the nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, Turkey. The nuclear power station in Akkuyu will be built with the cooperation of Russia and Turkey, and is located just a few kilometers north of Cyprus.


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